COST Action TU 1401 „Renewable Energy and Landscape QualitY“ (RELY)

Project Information    
Project chair: Prof. Dr. Michael Roth    
Staff: Sina Röhner, B.Eng.    
Duration: 10/2014 bis 10/2018    
Funding: EU COST framework with support of the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020    

Against the background of the development of renewable energies all over Europe and the induced landscape changes, the international research network “Renewable Energy and Landscape Quality” ( RELY) was initiated. Prof. Dr. Michael Roth coordinates the COST Action RELY with more than 140 participants from 70 institutions in 36 countries.

Climate protection and decentralized energy production benefit from the development of renewable energies. At the same time, landscape is changed by the new facilities and perceived landscape quality is also changing. Although there is a general support for renewable energies all over Europe, specific local energy projects often encounter resistance in many regions.

The COST Action TU1401 “Renewable Energy and Landscape Quality” investigates the interrelationships between renewable energy production and landscape quality, and the role of public participation for the acceptance of specific renewable energy systems. The Action will develop a better understanding of how landscape protection and management, and renewable energy deployment can be reconciled to contribute socio-environmentally to the sustainable transformation of energy systems.

The Action will enhance the science base for decision-making, and develop guidelines for public participation in planning renewable energy systems. The potential of sustainable landscape development, with innovative land uses producing synergies for landscape quality and renewable energy, will be revealed.

In 1971, COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) was founded based on an intergovernmental agreement on the cooperation in science and technology, and therefore is the longest-running European framework supporting trans-national cooperation among researchers, engineers and scholars across Europe. COST is a unique means to jointly develop ideas and new disciplines across all fields in science and technology, through pan-European networking of nationally funded research activities. It contributes to closing the gap between science, policy makers and society throughout Europe and beyond. The COST Action RELY is the biggest international project for the Institute for Landscape and Environment so far. 

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