Sustainable Mobilities (M.Sc.)

Master Degree Program

The mobility world is rapidly changing. Mobility will be sustainable, networked, digital and shared in the future. We will be connected better and sharing cars, bikes and rides much more than today.

Sustainable mobility concepts, services and products need highly qualified, innovative and creative experts. Sustainable mobilities need people ready to connect: ideas, transport modes, disciplines - and first and foremost: people.

You want to know how livable cities and regions work? This is the right program for you. You want to know how post-carbon, electric and sustainable mobility is possible? Work with us!

The postgraduate program Sustainable Mobilities (M.Sc.) offers you:

  • an internationally recognized degree qualifying you for a professional career,
  • learning in a collaborative and inspiring environment,
  • experienced and highly renowned lecturers,
  • the link to practice and future employers,
  • the road map to new businesses, better concepts, successful services and products

An example for sustainable mobilities in practice is our succesfull living lab "MobiQ - Sustainable mobility through sharing in the neighbourhood". In this three-year project, funded by Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts, Baden-Wuerttemberg, we work together with citizens in three neighbourhoods on mobility concepts, that are more sustainable in all three dimensions of sustainability.

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weiter Blick in die Halle des Museums mit historischen Straßenbahnen und Publikum und Rednerin

Werkzeugkasten für die Mobilitätswende

HfWU, Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart (HFT) und Öko-Institut stellen Handbuch „Mobilität gemeinsam gestalten“ vor

Mobilität gemeinsam gestalten

Projektpartner stellen Handbuch „Mobilität gemeinsam gestalten" vor.

HfWU Besuch der Wissenschaftsministerin und des Verkehrsministers

Auf dem Weg zu einer neuen Mobilitätskultur

- Wissenschaftsministerin Olschowski und Verkehrsminister Hermann besuchen Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt (HfWU) in Geislingen (Steige) -

HfWU tritt Studienfeld „Nachhaltige Mobilität“ bei

Hochschule Teil einer länderübergreifenden Kooperation von sieben Hochschulen

Stiftungsprofessur für Innovations- und Changemanagement

- Stiftungsprofessur der KSK Göppingen für Transformations- und Mobilitätsforscherin Dr. Lisa Ruhrort -