Enrolment procedure

We are pleased that you would like to start your study at our University and already wish you a good start and a successful study!

To accept the admission, you must enroll. You will only become a student at the NGU after enrollment. The following steps are necessary for enrolment:

  1. Please note that there is a deadline for enrollment in your admission letter. By the end of this deadline, you must have completed the online enrollment and received the confirmation of enrollment (with the evidence listed there) fom Nürtingen-Geislingen University in order to be enrolled. The same applies to the receipt of the change of program at NGU. If you do not comply with this deadline, the notice of admission becomes invalid and enrollment is no longer possible.

  2. After you have received an offer of admission, you have to accept it in your application portal

    a) If you are enrolling at NGU for the first time: SELMA application and enrollment portal.

    b) Are you already studying at NGU? Use the student online portal SELMA and go to the admissions portal. If you cannot find the admissions portal: Go to the app finder via your profile.

  3. After you have accepted the admission offer, "enroll" will appear in the blue bar at the bottom right corner.

  4. Please also note the information on the categories "Information about the fees" and "Health Insurance".
  5. Send us the Confirmation enrollment with the required documents by post or hand them in personally by the end of the enrollment period. The exact deadline can be found in the Letter of Admission.

Please note that the enrollment deadline is an exclusion period, i. e. if you miss this deadline, you will no longer be able to enroll and your study place will be allocated to other applicants.

It could take up to two weeks to process your Application for Enrollment!

Please note the information (e. g. semester opening, certificate of enrollment) at the category "After the Enrollment"!

Note for international students regarding visa issues: You can consult with your study program coordinator if you can start attending the lectures a little bit later. If you do not get a visa after enrolling, you would have to exmatriculate. In this case, a special rule to the reimbursement of the payment applies which you can read about here: www.hfwu.de/financial-issues.