International Finance (M.Sc.)

Master Degree Program

The programme in International Finance leads to an internationally recognized and renowned Master of Science degree.

Our mission is to qualify students to become experts in the international financial world and to prepare them for top positions in finance departments within globally operating companies, banks and other financial institutions.

The rigorous curriculum delivers a thorough foundation in financial principles and theory while providing practical applications to the world of international finance.


Registration and Tuition Fees

All enrolled degree seeking students (EU and non-EU) are required to pay registration fees amounting to approx. 190 € each semester.

From winter semester 2017/2018, international students (non-EU) are also required to pay tuition fees amounting to 1500 € each semester. For more information, please consider the following link:

 - Information on fees and exemptions (click on Fees and Degree Seeking)

If you are interested in a Double Degree, please enquire about the fees of your preferred university. As we offer the Double Degree only for Freemovers, we cannot offer any reduction of fees.