We are Zukunft.Gründen

With Zukunft.Gründen, HfWU wants to ignite the founding spirit for sustainable development. We recognize social and ecological need for action, we identify economic potential and transform creative ideas into business models:

»Creating value without depleting the planet«

We work according to a community-based platform model: we think diverse, new and different. We create free space for creative solutions, embrace new impulses and tackle challenges.

We are strong together and meet each other as equals.

How to reach us

E-mail    zug@hfwu.de

Phone    07022 201 256

Address Future.Box, Hechinger Str. 12, 72622 Nürtingen, Germany

Our team from Zukunft.Gründen

We support you

No matter if you are generally interested in (social) entrepreneurship or if you are already in the middle of founding a company, we at Zukunft.Gründen will support you in every phase.

Are you interested in the topic of entrepreneurship, innovation and founding? We are just one call (+49 7022 201 256) or e-mail away!


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Daniel Hammer

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