Reach beyond – Career coaching for international students

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Coaching for your successful stay and career in Germany! Being in a foreign country can be challenging sometimes. Coaching is an excellent way to find concrete solutions for individual issues and gain new motivation for studies and fulfilling free time in Germany.

Coaching topics can be:
•    Orientation for starting your career in Germany
•    Strategies for your individual professional development
•    Check of cover letter and CV
•    Strategies for enhancing students’ learning
•    Strategies for passing exams and writing a thesis
•    Strategies for adaptation to a new lifestyle/culture
•    Support in overcoming professional, cultural and language obstacles
•    Individual & personal issues

Speaking with a coach, you can share your experiences, seek advice, and together develop ways of effectively responding to your needs. The coaching takes place as a confidential one-on-one conversation in a safe, appreciative and respectful atmosphere. It is free of charge and possible by phone, as a Walk & Talk–promenade and via web conference. All sessions last 60 minutes and are anonymous and confidential!Schedule your online coaching session
The coaching supports you interculturally and methodically competent in developing solutions for your questions and the realization of your next steps towards a successful start based on your current situation and your personal interests, resources and strengths.

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