Summer semester 2021 also remains digital

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The coming summer semester at Nürtingen-Geislingen University of Applied Sciences will unfortunately continue to be dominated by the pandemic. Politicians are driving by sight and it is unclear what the further course of the pandemic will be.

In order to ensure planning security, the rectorate and the deans have therefore decided to conduct the coming summer semester as a digital semester. We intend to have the examination phase take place in presence again.

PC pools, studios, the library, study rooms and group study rooms will be kept open again, as far as the pandemic allows. The upcoming digital semester may be organized and designed differently depending on the degree program. For example, in the majority of our degree programs, teaching can be carried out completely online, while in individual degree programs attendance phases will again be necessary. This includes teaching formats in Tachenhausen, in open spaces or with interactions. You will receive information on these individual cases in a timely manner.

It is clear that digital teaching can never replace on-site teaching in the long term. This contradicts the nature of a university. HfWU would also have been very happy to allow face-to-face teaching again. However, it is the university's responsibility to protect the health of university employees as best as possible, to contribute to the social task of combating the pandemic, and at the same time not to jeopardize the academic success