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Corona Regulation from May 18 - Implementation at the HfWU

On May 16, 2020 the Corona Regulation of May 9, 2020 was published by the state government in the version valid from May 18, 2020.

On May, 16th 2020, the Corona Regulation of May 9th, 2020 was published by the state government in the version valid from May 18th, 2020.

In accordance with the above-mentioned regulation, the studies will continue in digital formats. Study operations in the rooms and on the premises of the universities will now remain suspended until 5 June 2020. The regulations and measures taken so far are therefore now valid until 5 June 2020.

The student survey has shown that the vast majority of students are very to quite confident that they will be able to get the semester largely well arranged. We were very pleased with this. As a further result of the student survey, we are currently in the process of permanently adapting the general part of the examination regulations with regard to online formats and developing offers for software training for students.

In this survey, the desire to open up the PC pools and the library was also addressed. After the PC pools have been opened again for emergencies since this week, the libraries Nürtingen Campus Innenstadt (Information Centre) and Campus Geislingen will now open for limited use on 25 May 2020. The library Campus Braike (Faculty Library FUGT) will remain closed for the time being. In order to make your stay in the library as safe as possible, it is only allowed for a limited number of people and only for the supply of literature. Visits are therefore only permitted after a confirmed appointment (by telephone or e-mail). More detailed information on the booking procedure and the conditions of use will be announced on the library's website in due course. Due to the delayed reopening, the loan periods of the media, which were due on 19 May 2020, were automatically extended again by four weeks.

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