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Changes in the Corona Ordinance valid from January 11, 2021

Due to the changes in the Corona Ordinance, the following key changes will occur for higher education beginning January 11, 2021:

1. Archives and academic libraries will remain closed, but will be able to offer a pick-up service (pick-up of ordered media and return of media). We will inform you in the next few days to what extent and how we will implement this at our university.

2. Sports facilities can be used for study purposes (courses and exams); the sports facilities will remain closed for general university sports.

3. Academic events that cannot be postponed can, in exceptional cases, also be held during times of the general curfew (20.00 - 05.00); however, in view of the narrowly exceptional nature of the regulation, this should be limited to compelling cases if possible.

With regard to the closure of community facilities such as schools and daycare centers, as well as daycare for children, the regulations on teleworking and mobile working continue to apply in the absence of other care options. Please contact the Human Resources Department by telephone if you have any questions regarding this matter. Regarding the eligibility of students' children to participate in emergency care, we would like to refer to §1f paragraph 4 of the CoronaVO (German).

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