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Standard period of study is extended in Baden-Württemberg

Minister of Science Theresia Bauer: "We want to give the students, who are already very challenged by the online semester, as much planning security as possible.

From the MWFK press release of June 26, 2020:

In order to further cushion special hardships when studying under pandemic conditions, the individual standard period of study will be extended once by law for all students enrolled in the summer semester 2020 in Baden-Württemberg. "It is important to me to give students, who are already very much challenged by the digital semester, as much planning security as possible," said Science Minister Theresia Bauer on Friday (26th June).

This decision is particularly important for BAföG recipients, who may lose their entitlement to BAföG due to possible delays in their studies. The two government factions of the Green Party and the CDU had introduced a joint bill in the state parliament.

"I would like to ensure that individual delays in the course of studies due to the pandemic situation do not lead to undue hardship. Nobody should be forced to take a stand because of the Corona pandemic must worry about its BAföG funding," emphasised Theresia Bauer.

The pandemic has drastic consequences for students - not only because of the extensive conversion of the courses on offer to digital formats. In addition, there is often a lack of learning groups, a limited library offering, and impaired laboratory, excursion and practical units. In addition, many students are faced with financial imponderables or the care of their children at home takes time. A longer period of study will therefore not be avoidable in every case. This would hit students who are dependent on BAföG particularly hard if they exceeded the maximum duration of studies or funding relevant to BAföG. 

"It is obvious that the pandemic-related digital semester has led to a different course of study. Even though the universities are doing everything possible to ensure that this semester takes place and is not lost. Nevertheless, it is undisputed that because of Corona, studies in the 2020 summer semester will run differently than planned for everyone. Nobody can do anything about it, and therefore nobody should suffer any disadvantages," said Theresia Bauer.

Baden-Württemberg's university law has now been amended to provide for a one-off adjustment of the standard period of study for the summer term 2020 due to corona-related delays of one semester.
Since the maximum duration of funding is linked to the standard period of study according to Baden-Württemberg higher education law, the maximum duration of BAföG funding will be increased by one semester.

Minister of Science Theresia Bauer has been pressing for solutions with regard to Bafög recipients since April. However, the federal government is responsible for Bafög regulations. And there was obviously a lack of courage and determination for a nationwide uncomplicated and reliable procedure, continued Theresia Bauer. As a substitute, various federal states are now successively making provisions in their state higher education laws to spare students particular hardship.

Original press release.

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