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Library opening from May 25, 2020

The libraries at Nürtingen Campus Innenstadt (information centre) and Campus Geislingen will reopen for limited use on May the 25th, 2020.

The libraries at Nürtingen Campus Innenstadt (information centre) and Campus Geislingen will reopen for limited use on May the 25th, 2020. The library Campus Braike (Faculty Library FUGT) will remain closed for the time being.

In order to make your stay in the library as safe as possible, it is only allowed for a limited number of people and only for the supply of literature. Visits are therefore only permitted after a confirmed appointment has been made.

Until 22.5.2020 the libraries continue to offer their "emergency supply".

Please note the information on the booking procedure and the regulations on library use:

  • Access to the book collections is possible every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (except on public holidays), but only after a confirmed booking for a period of 30 minutes per person. Please register by e-mail ( bibliothek-nuertingen@hfwu.de / bibliothek-geislingen@hfwu.de ) or by phone (Nürtingen 07022 / 201-465, Geislingen 07331 / 22-495). Appointments can be made at the earliest one week in advance. Entering the rooms is only allowed with a mouth and nose protection and without symptoms of a respiratory tract infection.
  • With the opening of the libraries there will be no reservation and provision of media available at the pick-up location. Please check the desired titles and signatures in the library catalogue before your visit and take the media from the shelves yourself. There are no research PCs available within the libraries and no information can be provided.
  • Holdings from the other locations can then be ordered/booked again via the library catalogue. This applies in particular to the Braike faculty library (ordering is possible to Nürtingen CI7 or Geislingen (please make sure that you order to the correct issue location). For media that cannot be ordered via the library catalogue, e.g. diploma/bachelor theses, please contact bibliothek-nuertingen@hfwu.de or bibliothek-geislingen@hfwu.de.
  • Interlibrary loan orders are not yet possible.
  • The return of media is possible without prior notification:

Nürtingen (CI 7, return machine): Mon to Th 9-16 o'clock, Fr 9-15 o'clock (except on public holidays)

Geislingen (Ba 62, return box): Mon to Thu 9-16 o'clock (from 12 o'clock access only with university ID), Fr 9-12 o'clock (except on public holidays)

  • The loan periods of the media, which were due on May 19, 2020, were again automatically extended by four weeks to June 16, 2020 (with the exception of interlibrary loan books). Please check your library account for any earlier due dates and return the media concerned as soon as possible after re-opening to avoid reminder fees.
  • Fees can be paid by bank transfer, cash payment on site is not possible.
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