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Corona Regulation winter semester 2020/21

A new corona regulation "Studienbetrieb und Kunst" was published.

Lectures will start in a few days and the number of contacts in our university will increase again. Even though the majority of lectures will take place online, we would like to point out once again the instruments of infection control: Distance, hygiene, everyday mask in connection with the tracing of infection chains. For this purpose, the Ministry of Science has issued a Corona Regulation "Studienbetrieb und Kunst", which was published yesterday and came into force today. It complements the general Corona Regulation and essentially contains supplementary requirements for the university sector to the above mentioned instruments of infection protection.

Distance rule

§2 of the regulation contains regulations on the distance rules. This means in particular that a distance of 1.5 meters to other persons must be maintained on all traffic areas and in all rooms and areas in or on which events take place. Furthermore, this distance rule applies to all rooms and areas that are used by students outside of courses for the purposes of their studies.

Mouth and nose cover

§3 of the regulation regulates the duty to cover the mouth and nose. This means in particular that a mouth-nose cover must be worn on all traffic routes and traffic areas (also within the rooms or on areas used for courses or by students outside of courses).

Data processing

§4 of the regulation specifies the data processing. Among other things, this means that we must collect data at all events for the purpose of tracing infection paths. Due to the requirement of data minimization, we have decided to collect only the matriculation number from students. Attached the information on the collection and processing of personal data for the purpose of traceability of infection paths.

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