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Baden-Württemberg declares warning level

With effect from November 3rd, the State Health Office has declared the warning level for Baden-Württemberg. This does not result in any further changes for study operations in Präsenz.

According to the current CoronaVO, the warning level applies as soon as the hospitalization incidence has reached or exceeded 8.0 nationwide or when the occupancy rate of intensive care beds with COVID-19 patients nationwide is at least 250 for two consecutive days. In Baden-Württemberg, this means that further restrictive regulations apply with immediate effect; in particular, in many areas only a negative PCR test is accepted as 3G detection in addition to vaccine or convalescent detection.

The regulations for study operation are not dependent on the warning level. Unlike the CoronaVO, the CoronaVO Study Operations does not include a tier system, as the winter semester in attendance is still to be enabled and maintained. A comprehensive hygiene concept will ensure the protection of all.

Thus, study operations will continue as usual. For the participation in teaching and the use of facilities and learning rooms, the 3G detection with a negative antigen rapid test is thus still possible.

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