AIAS Geislingen

What is AIAS Geislingen?

Since 2001 we are bringing the national fight of students against blood cancer in our city! More rural areas (e.g. on the Swabian Alb) often don't have regular options to participate in stem cell donation campaigns. Geislingen meanwhile is the perfect location. Every 12 minutes someone in Germany recieves the diagnosis blood cancer, worldwide every 27 seconds. Only one third finds a suitable donor within their family. This is where we start. Especially young people are mostly healthy and can give a new chance of live with a stem cell dontation.

Our goals:

We want to continue to inform about blood cancer and stem cell dontatins to push registration online and at the campus - super easy just between two lessons.

If you're interested to support us let us know!

E-Mail: elisa.grimaldi@no