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The summer semester 2021 will also remain virtual, i.e. lectures will be held in online formats. In order to ensure planning security, the rectorate and the deans have decided to conduct the coming summer semester as a digital semester. However, the examination phase (as currently planned) will again take place in presence.

PC pools, studios, the library, study rooms and group study rooms will be kept open again, as far as the pandemic allows. The upcoming digital semester may be organized and designed differently depending on the degree program. For example, in the majority of degree programs, teaching can be carried out completely online, while in individual degree programs attendance phases will again be necessary. This includes teaching formats in Tachenhausen, in open spaces or with interactions. Students will receive detailed information on these individual cases from the study programs.

Digital teaching can never replace on-site teaching in the long term. This contradicts the essence of a university. We would have been very happy to allow face-to-face teaching again. However, it is the university's responsibility to protect the health of the members of the university as best as possible, to contribute to the social task of combating the pandemic, and at the same time not to endanger the academic success of our students and to give them all the greatest possible planning security.



Are you a first semester student and do not yet have access to the online services at the NGU? Please note that due to the pandemic situation in the Esslingen district, the semester can initially only take place in online formats.

Please send an e-mail to the program of study where you have been admitted. From there you will receive all necessary information.

Go to the NGU website (german version), at


all NGU study programs are listed. Choose the page of your study program, there you will find the correct e-mail address of the study program.

The Rector of NGU will continue to inform about all developments, new information and news in personal e-mails. Just in time for the beginning of the semester and additionally with a video message.

All this information will be available on this website.

Stay healthy!

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