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Leisure Time

Pubs, clubs and cafés
There are many cozy restaurants, pubs and bars in Nuertingen which you will discover on your walk through the city. You will find the student bar ‘Kleiner Keller’ which is run by students in the cellar of the historic old HfWU administration building in the center of Nuertingen’s medieval old town. During lecture periods the cellar-bar is open in the evening from Monday to Friday. On some special dates students will show movies in this location. 

Other such addresses in Nürtingen:

  • Egeo, Pub, Kirchheimerstrasse 20, Tel. 210601
  • Blue Moon
  • Blue Bell, Pub, Schillerplatz 5, Tel. 931600
  • Brenn Bar, Pub, Heilig-Kreuz-Strasse 11
  • Schaltbar, Pub, Muehlstrasse 15
  • Hausbrauerei Schlachthof, local brewery, homemade dishes from the region, Muehlstrasse 15
  • Saustall, Disco, Live-Music, Events, Muehlstrasse 15. Tel. 210006
  • Cheers, Pub, Schlossberg 6, Tel. 36644

Ecumenical Student Community
The ecumenical church community organises regular events, such as the sight–seeing tour in Nürtingen, excursions or international nights, where they prepare (international) meals and where students get an insight into foreign cultures by the presentations of foreign students. Their program is available at:

The student organisation ASTA offers a wide range of sports like volleyball, squash, dancing, slackline, swimming, table tennis, soccer and many more.

If you want to do fitness or weightlifting there are various fitness centers in Nürtingen:
Parc Trainingscenter is among the best-equipped fitness centers in Nürtingen,  Easy Sports is more affordable. There are many other clubs outside the university that you can join.

You can go swimming at the public pool in Stuttgarter Straße and there is an open-air swimming-pool next to it which is usually open from the second week of May till the beginning of September.

The “Hochseilgarten” (high–ropes course) in Wernau is a place where you can reach your limits by climbing on woods. You can visit their webpage  and find out about their location and prices.

If you enjoy ice skating, you can do that in Wernau ( or in Esslingen ( or you go horseback riding at the Riding Club in Nürtingen.


Movie Palace Nürtingen, Uhlandstrasse 10, 6 kino theatres

Corso Cinema International in Stuttgart-Vaihingen offers films in English


Theater im Schlosskeller, Schlossgartenstrasse 3/1

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