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About Geislingen

Geislingen is located in the middle of the "Swabian Alb" range of hills. With approximately 27.000 citizens, it looks back to a long history - the city was founded in the year 1100 by the Earls of Helfenstein. Today, it is a nice and safe town with an older town centre.

Geislingen campus and the student hostels are next to the train and bus station and within walking distance (5 minutes) to the town centre with pubs, restaurants and small shops.

Students can enjoy their free time on the southward-sloping high-plateau and mountainous region of hte Schwäbische (Swabian) Alb. This beautiful countryside offers a wide range of recreational activities: mountain-biking, free climbing, hiking, hang glidind and - if there is enough snow in winter - skiing.

Both, Nürtingen and Geislingen offer their students a wide range of restaurants, cafés, a cinema centre, sports facilities, public pools and a lively historic old town center.

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Map of Geislingen Campus

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