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Course Details

Course: Organization and Information Management (Nürtingen Campus)

Subject Area:

Business and Management


Ralf Pichler, Dipl.-Kfm.

Contents/ Curriculum:

This lecture provides basic knowledge on Organizational Behavior, Information Management and Human Resource Management.

It enables the students to manage changes in organizations.

To support this, the students receive training in Project Management with a focus on leadership.

Course Structure: 

(X) Lecture  (  ) Seminar,   2 ECTS Credits

2 hours per week,  offered in (X) spring/summer, (X) fall/winter


(X) Written Exam                      (  ) Oral Exam

(  ) Presentations                      (  ) Paper

(X) Other Assignments: Project Work

Prerequisites/ Comments:

(  ) Background in Business / Economics

(  ) Not recommended for English native speakers

(X) Other requirements: at least 3rd year students

(X) Undergraduate Students with special permission

(X) Graduate Students


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