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Course: Corporate Strategic Planning Simulation (Nürtingen Campus)

Subject Area:

Business and Management


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bruck

Contents/ Curriculum:

This course is in fact offered as a simulation game which requires direct participation from the students and involves them directly into the process of management decisions in an interactive style.

The students receive a short introduction into the related knowledge areas. From then on they work together in teams. Each team acts as a management board of a company. The teams have to make various decisions according to different developments and situations that occur in varying time periods. The simulation provides an inside look in the interdependency of management decisions and the cognition that the success of a company is not only depending on its own decisions but as well on decisions made by the competitors on the market.

Course Structure: 

(  ) Lecture  (X) Seminar,   2 ECTS Credits

2 hours per week,  offered in (X) spring/summer, (X) fall/winter


(X) Written Exam                       (  ) Oral Exam

(X) Presentations                       (  ) Paper

(X) Other Assignments (Results of the simulation)

Prerequisites/ Comments:

(  ) Background in Business / Economics

(  ) Not recommended for English native speakers

(  ) Other requirements:

(X) Undergraduate Students with special permission

(X) Graduate Students

Important note: number of participants is limited


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