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Travelling to the campus

If you fly to Germany then Stuttgart airport is the destination to get to Nuertingen or Geislingen.

However, many international flights end in Frankfurt (biggest airport in Germany). From there you can either fly to Stuttgart or get a train which starts from the "Fernbahnhof" (station for long distance trains) or a train from Frankfurt main station.

If you start from the "Fernbahnhof" there are some direct trains to Stuttgart and some where you will have to change trains. Alternatively you can take the suburban train "S-Bahn" from the airport to Frankfurt main station (10 minutes ride) and take a direct train to Stuttgart from there.

How to get to Nürtingen

Travelling to Nuertingen from Stuttgart Airport (nearest airport)
You can either take a taxi which is very expensive (about 40 Euros) or use public transport:
First take the suburban train S2 to Filderstadt-Bernhausen which leaves on track 1 in the basement of the airport building. (Make sure you take the right direction: Filderstadt-Bernhausen). You have to buy the ticket to Nuertingen (ZOB - Zentraler Omnibus Bahnhof / central bus station) at the ticket machine before you enter the train. The ride takes about 4 minutes. In Bernhausen you have to change to the bus which leaves from the bus station (2 minutes away from the train station: just go upstairs and turn right) and take bus no 74 to Nuertingen ZOB. Final destination of the bus line is the central bus station in Nuertingen. This ride usually takes 25 minutes. The price for the whole ride is approximately 3 Euros.

Travelling to Nuertingen from Stuttgart main station
Take the ‘Regional Express’ train to Nuertingen with the final destination in Tuebingen. This name is mentioned on the display panels at the Stuttgart train station. These trains usually leave from track 2 at 22 minutes past the hour from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (i.e. 5:22/6:22/7:22. etc.). During rush hours there are also direct trains that leave at .52 past the hour. All trains go via Bad Cannstatt, Esslingen and Plochingen. Wendlingen is the last station before Nürtingen. The train ride from Stuttgart to Nuertingen usually takes 32 minutes.

How to get to Geislingen

Travelling to Geislingen from Stuttgart Airport 
You have to go to Stuttgart main station first and then follow the under-mentioned instructions.
To get to the main station take the suburban train which leaves on track 2 in the basement of the airport building. These trains run on a regular schedule approx. every 10 minutes. The ride takes 27 minutes.
There are two different suburban trains which run to main station. You may ask at the airport for assistance. S2 has the city of “Schorndorf” as final destination and S3 has the city of “Backnang” as final destination. Take one of them and leave the train at Stuttgart main station.

Travelling to Geislingen from Stuttgart main station
Quite a lot of direct trains go to Geislingen/Steige. They are trains with final destination in Ulm or Munich. You can either take the Regionalbahn which usually leaves 2 minutes past the hour or the Regional-Express which usually leaves 31 minutes past the hour. The ride is about an hour. The name of the train and the destination Ulm/Munich are mentioned on the display panels at the Stuttgart train station. The ticket from the airport to Geislingen costs about 17 €.

Information about Stuttgart airport is available at:

You have to buy the train tickets before the ride at the ticket machine or the service points.
For all information about train and bus connections please look at the homepage of the German Railway (Deutsche Bahn)

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