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Research and the transfer of knowledge into the world of private and public enterprise are crucial to NGU. NGU runs transfer centers for business consulting. The centers offer consulting services and transfer know-how from all our faculties to companies. They support the university's on-going commitment to applied research and development.

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Institute of Applied Research at the NGU

Direktor: Prof. Dr. Konrad Reidl

The Institute of Applied Research (IAF) is a central unit of NGU for applied research, development and innovation transfer. The combination of basic and applied research makes the IAF an ideal interface between research, training, continuing education and practical implementation.

It is a main goal of the Institute to combine topics from ecology, economy and society in research.

With its focus on "Environment and Planning", the institute mainly works on projects from the Faculties of  Environmental and Urban Planning as well as Agriculture. But increasingly the institute has been broadening its research field with topics from the Business School. For more information please have a look at the site of the Institute of Applied Research *.

Fields of Research and Institutes of the NGU

Experimental Agricultural Research Farm

The university-owned research farm comprises 120 hectares and not only produces but also markets its agricultural products in a real-market scenario. The farm offers modern facilities for applied research projects.

Experimental Gardens

Nürtingen-Geislingen University houses experimental gardens and parks for demonstration and teaching. Students can study more than 1.500 different plants and trees.

Experimental garden of HfWU


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