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E-Mail Account

General notes on the e-mail account for students

Receiving, reading and sending e-mails, no matter where you are, simply via web browser:

Every student obtains at the beginning of his/her study the access data for his/her network and e-mail account.

The e-mail account is an official form of communication from our university. You are required to use this account! Please check your e-mails regularly or configure e-mail forwarding. Please check even after configuring of forwarding if you receive your e-mails (mind the quota).

Here you can find the instructions for using the Webmailer:

neo ZO IZ IT-Dienste Dateien (you need to log in on neo)



Contact persons

Please let us know about problems with the e-mail account and send an e-mail to (Nürtingen) or it-dienste-gs‎@hfwu‎.‎de (Geislingen) You can also drop a notice in the post box of IT-Dienste in the several buildings. We will try to solve the problem immediately.

User Support

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