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Private Rented Accommodation

Looking for accommodation on the spot

If you prefer not to live in the student hostel please ask the International Office of NGU for assistance. You might also try to find a room in a shared appartment with other German students once you are in Germany - but again, we recommend you to ask the International Office for assistance. You can also try the following local channels.


StuZi is a student organisation in Geislingen what collects notices of offered rooms and apartments mainly in Geislingen but also in Nürtingen. These notices are offered in the internet. Please see:

StuZi also has got regular opening hours in room 108 in Bahnhofstrasse 62 in Geislingen. Please have a look in the internet for their opening hours.

Notice Boards

In the various buildings of the University AStA puts up large notice boards where notices searching for or offering accommodation, selling items etc. can be posted. Watch out for notice boards outside the institution, in supermarkets, student cafés and meeting places. Ask other students or AStA where you should look.


Once or twice a week local newspapers print advertisements, including accommodation. The local newspaper in Nürtingen is the "Nürtinger Zeitung" and in Geislingen the "NWZ - Neue Württembergische Zeitung". In the Saturday edition you will find adverts offering rooms or appartments to be let. As soon as you have selected potential adverts, ring immediately and try to arrange a viewing appointment the same evening, if possible. Without a car this can be awkward in the evenings. It is much easier with box number advertisements but you can end up waiting an eternity for a reply. NB: Most landlords take careful note of their potential tenants' appearances. As a student and especially a foreign student or academic you must be very smart and make a good impression. Say precisely how long you intend to stay in Germany, how seriously you take your research work and what guarantees you can offer for paying the rent. If you answer a box number advertisement and your German is still not perfect ask a German to look through the letter for you.


You can also place an advertisement in the local newspaper or post a notice at the notice boards of the various buildings of the University. If you are prepared to take a room in shared accommodation (Wohngemeinschaft: "WG") it might be worth putting an advertisment in the local town magazine. There may be young Germans interested in learning your native language. Offer to teach them in return for German lessons. If you are looking for somewhere for both you and your family to live, the local paper is the best source.


This channel is certainly the most expensive. Agents are allowed to charge 1 to 2.5 times the monthly rent for finding you somewhere to live. If you wish to use an agent please check that he or she is a member of one of the professional organisations (RDM, VDM, WOGE). Do not make any payments until the tenancy agreement has been signed.

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