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Host Family Programme "Join a Family"

A German host family with their Mexican student

Would you like to meet local people and be introduced into a German family? The host family programme enables you to share some of your free time with German families. You will not live with them but meet for certain activities, such as having tea together, going for walks or on short excursions, visiting cultural events, having a language exchange… whatever both of you like to do. A great way to meet new people!

If you want to join this programme, please fill out our registration form, sign it and send it back to us. Don’t forget to write a few words about yourself. You should also specify in which languages you can communicate. We will try to find a suitable host family for you as soon as possible.

Two important things: don’t expect your host family to pay for food or tickets if you go anywhere together – you are responsible to pay for yourself. 

And the duration of the programme is open: it depends on you and your family how often you choose to meet. There are no long-term obligations. The idea of “Join a Family” is to foster friendship between people from different countries and an open intercultural exchange. Join in! 

This is what students say: 

Inhye (South Korea): “My host family is very kind. I was invited to their house to eat lunch and they treat me some traditional German food, like Spätzle. And we had a lot of talk to know each other. I’m having a very enjoyable time whenever I meet them.”

Onari (Cameroon): “Meeting my host family for the first time was a really nice experience. The couple with their two kids are really good people and I spent about 4 hours with them discussing many interesting issues relating to social and community life in Germany. We separated on the promise of continuous communication and contact.” 

Yang (China): “I stayed with my host family during Christmas. They were so caring to me. I learned how German family enjoys Christmas. I had chance to eat schwabich food. I was so happy with my host family!” 

Ivette and David (Mexico): “We are very happy to have found a host family now. We already had many nice moments together and it’s a great opportunity to practice German. Also, we can share a little bit of our culture while learning more about the German culture at the same time.” 

For more information please contact:

Andrea Heißler

Nuertingen-Geislingen University
International Office
Uhlandstr. 3
D-72622 Nuertingen


Tel.: +49 (0)7022/308492
Fax: +49 (0)7022/309354

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