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Application Degree-Seeking Students

Bachelor Degree Programs

Deadline for applying for a full bachelor degree:

winter semester: July 15th  

summer semester: January 15th


Before you apply please have a look at the site of the single bachelor degree programs for the specific entry requirements and the Notice for Applicants with Foreign Entry Qualification (on the right). In some Bachelor programs it is only possible to start in the winter semester. For questions regarding course content or any other subject-related matters please contact the dean or assistant of the respective study program.


The status of your application you can view online.

Benutzername: applicationnumber

Passwort: birthdate TT.MM.JJJJ z. B. "18.04.1991"



IMPORTANT: Please have a look at the following Notice for Applicants with Foreign Entry Qualification

Chinese, Mongolian and Vietnamese Applicants

Chinese, Mongolian and Vietnamese applicants have to attach the original certificate or the original confirmation that proves the authenticity of their documents issued by the "Akademische Prüfstelle" of the German Embassy (APS).

APS China

APS Mongolia

APS Vietnam

Master Degree Programs

Please have a look at the site of the single master degree programs for the specific entry requirements before application. The deadlines of application may also vary. 

M.Sc. International Finance (English)
M.Eng. Landscape Architecture (English and German)
M. A. International Management (English and German)
All other master degree programs (German)


For master degree programs you need to apply via the
application web portal.


The application web portal is being provided and conducted by uni-assist e.V. Concerning the administration uni-assist e.V. supports NGU by processing each individual application. NGU takes the decision on selection and admission procedure.

Application fees

Uni-assist e.v. charges a fee for a single application procedure. Information of tariffs and payment can be found here.

Language prerequisites

For the master degree programs that are instructed fully or partly in English please have a look at the site of the degree programs for the English language requirements.

All other degree programs are mainly conducted in German. Therefore, competence in written and spoken German is essential as almost all lectures and examinations are in German and all foreign applicants need to present a sufficient result of the TestDaF (Test in German as a foreign language). For further information please see


The registration dates are mentioned in the letter of admission. The Office of Admission (Studierendensekretariat) is located on the city campus, building KI. For enrolment you need to pay the adminstration fee which is due every semester.
Please don't forget to bring along your certificate of health insurance coverage.

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